Legal Information

Generally in England the law is clearly defined across the Policing and Crime Act (2009) and the Sexual Offences Atc (2003). There are many other articles of legislation that can impact on sex workers and the industry.


Working within the industry is not illegal, for the sex worker selling their services is generally ok. Laws exist to prevent Street prostitution and there also very strict laws in relation to profiting from the industry including making brothel keeping a criminal offence.

Sexual exploitation also come under great scrutiny with the UK? legal framework with tough penalties for those who exploit individuals both by trafficking them, and also by receiving services from them.


Despite having a national legal framework tolerance towards the industry can vary from place to place. Some local police forces have a zero tolerance approach to advertising and also premises where adult services could be potentially be available. However, some police forces work with the industry and charities to make sure those working within their boundaries are doing so freely and within the law.


The CPS has detailed guidance for its prosecutors online and this is probably the best place to go if you are looking to ?elf-learn? However, with the complexities of any kind of legislation it is always best to take legal advice and if you think something may be illegal then to check first as it probably is!


Laws are there to protect everyone. They are also there to protect the most vulnerable from mistreatment and exploitation. If you believe something is not right then report it, it could be nothing or it could be everything.

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