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Lowestoft Escorts

Lowestoft is a coastal town in Suffolk overlooking the North Sea to the east and is on the most eastern point of the country. Lowestoft developed as a port and fishing town, and has sandy beaches and two piers, and although the fisheries in the town have declined, it is one of the bases (along with Great Yarmouth) for the exploitation of oil and gas. Being a seaside town, it is little wonder that Lowestoft is an attractive location for visiting Lowestoft escorts.

The earliest evidence of settlement in Britain has been found in this town, dating back 700,000 years through the discovery of early flint tools in the cliffs of Pakefield. The settlement developed during the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages and during the Roman and Saxon eras. The town name derives from the Viking name of Hlothver with the addition of the word toft, forming the name ‘homestead’; through variations of different spellings over the centuries, it has come to be known as Lowestoft. Now, how about showboating your local knowledge with an escort in Lowestoft?

Spending the Day in Lowestoft

If you are not indigenous to Lowestoft and you’re here purely to meet one of the lovely escorts in Lowestoft, you could always make a day of it. After all, it is a coastal town, so you can benefit from the things a traditional British seaside has to offer, such as the sandy beach (and kudos if you can blag a Lowestoft escort to join you, stripping down to their trollies), a theme park known as the Pleasurewood Hills, and the piers, the Claremont Pier and the South Pier.

Another wonderment of Lowestoft is the Lowestoft Lighthouse, built in 1609 and originally powered by candlelight. It later used paraffin oil in 1874, then electricity in 1936, but it wasn’t until 1975 that the Lowestoft Lighthouse became automated. The lighthouse, which it situated in the northern part of the town centre, worked in conjunction with a second lighthouse to help vessels navigate to the Stamford Channel, of which no longer exists today.

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