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Naughty Samantha

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08/11/2016 at 19:00
1 hour

Outcome: Completed

Decided to call up Naughty Samantha who is quite new to the site.

I gave short notice, around 1 hour, lucky for I, Naughty Samantha was free and told me to call a few minutes before so she can send me the right way.

After getting there, Naughty Samantha opened the door looking very nice.

After passing over the money, we got to the next phase.

This part is something I will not go into details, but I can say this.

Naughty Samantha being quite new surprised me and showed me a few things that I am going to keep doing.

Naughty Samantha, you are 1 in a million and happy to have met you.

All the best Naughty Samantha, I will call again soon.
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