Newton Heath

Newton Heath is an urban area of Manchester city.

Once a part of Lancashire, Newton Heath was a farming community but during the Industrial Revolution, adopted the factory system, principally in engineering. However, during this era many people remained employed in the mining and textile industries in thriving areas such as Clayton Vale and Bradford.

The name 'Newton Heath' is taken from Old English, meaning New Town on the Heath. Formerly, the heath of which the town was built upon is covered with brooks and rivers all around, and this area stretches from Miles Platting to Failsworth. Surrounding water spots include the River Medlock, Moston Brook, Newton Brook and Shooters Brook.

Manchester United Football Club was originally formed from the Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Clubs, so naturally has strong links with the area.

Landmarks in Newton Heath include Philips Park and cemetery and Brookdale Park. Philips Park opened in 1846 and was the first public park to be opened in Manchester, named after Mark Philips MP who was commited to creating parks for the working people of the city.

Philips Park and Cemetery, Newton Heath