Manchester Piccadilly

Manchester Piccadilly is the main railway station in Manchester, England. It serves some major stations including London Euston, Birmingham New Street, Edinburgh and Glasgow Central, as well as many local routes. Two platforms for the Manchester Metrolink are located in the stations underground. It is the fourth busiest station in the UK outide London.

The station opened in May 1842 as a terminus of the Manchester and Birmingham Railway. After nationalisation in 1948 , the old 'London Road' station was operated as two independent stations, seperated by iron railings on platform 5. On one side was the London Midland Region of British Railways, on the other was the Eastern Region. It was reopened as Manchester Piccadilly after reconstruction in 1960.

There are 12 platforms at Manchester Piccadilly that are for terminating/originating services, and two platforms, 13 and 14 that are used for through services.

As with any major railway station, Manchester Piccadilly has numerous facilities for the public. There are ticket offices, information points, seating, timetables, toilets, shops, plus food and drink outlets.

Piccadilly Railway Station, Manchester