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Top Security Tips For Escorts

The sex industry is a difficult one to be a part of at the moment. Countries all around the world are trying to decide whether sex work is real work, and when it comes to escorting in particular, they aren’t sure if it is. They think escorting is as simple as lying on your back, but we all know that it is a lot more complicated than that. The problem is that all of the changing laws are making it harder for escorts, and so staying safe is more challenging than before. Continue reading Top Security Tips For Escorts

How To Beat The Average Sex Time!

It’s a struggle for many of you. You’ll jump through every hoop to get them into bed, go through all of the foreplay in the right way, and then as soon as you start having sex you’re desperately trying to hold in your load and stop yourself from blowing. All of your efforts are in bed were in vain as you spend your wad almost as soon as it begins. Continue reading How To Beat The Average Sex Time!

3 Tips For Bringing Sexy Back To The Bedroom

Most of the time, when the sex goes from a relationship, a lot of people will try to initiate it a few times before giving up completely or seeking someone else to roll in the sheets with. Sometimes, there isn’t much that you can do, but there are certain things you can try to get the sex back. Continue reading 3 Tips For Bringing Sexy Back To The Bedroom

How to Suggest a Threesome

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a relationship where you are both confident enough to try new things, it may be time to introduce something a little more daring. A threesome can provide couples with a creative new way to explore their desires and can inject a little excitement. Although you may both be willing to try something different, you may struggle to suggest getting naughty and nasty with a third party. Continue reading How to Suggest a Threesome