Five Mistakes Some Women Make in Bed

We know that the women on this site are good in bed. Hey, it is an escort’s job to know what she is doing. Still, there isn’t anyone in the world who is perfect in the sack; it would be delusional to say otherwise.

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This leads to a problem. Good clients don’t want to be seen as moaning at escorts as that is rude. Even if it is meant as genuine feedback, it is uncomfortable to be seen risking putting someone’s nose out of joint.

Well, that is why the guys here at Escort England are bringing you five mistakes women make in bed. We are doing it here so embarrassed clients don’t have to!

1) Thinking He Knows When You like What He is Doing

Nope, we aren’t psychic, and it takes more than a few moans to work out we have the right spot.

Communication is the key. If he is doing it right, let him know; if he could be doing something differently, let him know that also. We want to please you, show us the way!

2) Too Much Non-Sexual Talking

You may think you are putting us at ease, but if you start talking to much about non-sexual things once the fun begins, it really is off-putting and makes us think that you aren’t really engaged.

3) Not Making Eye Contact During a Blowjob

Just looking at the penis makes us think you aren’t enjoying it and are just performing a functionary task. Make eye contact, it is so much better.

4) Taking a Dead Fish Approach

Even if you are enjoying it, many women, especially in the missionary position, just lie there letting guys get on with it. It really isn’t sexy.

If you are like a dead fish because you aren’t enjoying it, communicate that. Let him know, and maybe change positions up a bit. Get it to a way that you feel comfortable showing that you are enjoying what is happening.

5) Fake Orgasm

Yes we want you to enjoy it, but there is zero point in you faking an orgasm. If we go on and see other women, we will be doing it wrong there as well. That won’t benefit us at all.

Give us directions to get you where you want to go!

So there we have it. These are little things which can affect how good the encounter is. Take them on board and there will be an even bigger smile on guy’s faces than usual!

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Martin Ward

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