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Zoe Jaspers has worked in the adult industry for over a year, but she has already gained a fantastic reputation in the field. As a writer, she is passionate about bringing the reader some of the most interesting blog content around. She is possibly most famous for her erotic stories, but is equally adept at giving top quality sex advice, all the time bringing in her 'personal experiences'. When she isn't sharing her most intimate encounters, Zoe keeps herself active by watching videos on Youtube, and listening to music.

Why Every Girl Should Dress Up as Harley Quinn This Halloween!

Every year, women always tend to go for the trendiest Halloween costume of the year, which by some surprise, the costumes they’d choose relate to the latest blockbuster that’s been released. In 2005, almost all of my girlfriends were dressed up as the Corpse Bride. In 2011, I kept seeing a few women dressed up as a slutty Hermione Granger in time for Harry Potter’s latest movie, ‘The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2’. Now, it appears that this year, every girl will dress up as Harley Quinn as a tribute to ‘Suicide Squad’. Continue reading Why Every Girl Should Dress Up as Harley Quinn This Halloween!

Erotic Story – My Midnight Call!

She hasn’t left my mind since I first saw her stacking shelves at her workplace.

I can’t stop imagining how silky her hair looked today, how pink her cheeks looked, or how nice her feet appeared in her open sandals. I’m staring at the ceiling of my room with the window open, while I slide a cigarette in between my lips and set the stick ablaze. Continue reading Erotic Story – My Midnight Call!

How To Scat Play Like A Boss

Guys, I understand that there are some fetishes you can’t talk so openly about. BDSM has been around since the 1800’s, but no one has started chatting about it until the new millennium. Well, when it comes to ‘weird’ fetishes that vanilla people would pour holy water upon, I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for an extreme fetish lover to find the information that he’d need to make his erotic dream a reality; we can take scat play as an example. Continue reading How To Scat Play Like A Boss