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Stella McGregor is a well respected writer in the adult industry, and has gained a fine reputation during her time working for Escort Advertising. Since she has joined the company, her work has specialised in fun things such as sex tips, as well as serious stuff like sexual health and sex workers rights. She also likes to bring her readers amusing adult stories from around the globe. When she is not putting a smile on men and women's faces with her fantastic work, Stella is a sporty girl who is into running, yoga, and individual events. She also likes surfing the web to relax.

How To Last Longer In Bed!

Maybe that face in your head is still beating you. She was wide-eyed looking at you and said: really? Have you already cum? Yes, a lot of men had felt that, too. Even though everybody knows ladies go first, most men find it difficult to last long in bed. The average duration is between 5 – 10 minutes, but according to many studies, men and women, hope to have sex for almost half an hour. Continue reading How To Last Longer In Bed!