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Martin Ward is a well respected editor and writer with over five years experience in the adult industry. After stints in the Escort Advertising call centre and on the escort forum, he moved into the site editor position around three years ago. Since then, he has specialised in articles on the battle for equal rights for sex workers, sexual health, as well as bringing the readers fun news from around the world. He also has a major interest in LGBT rights, and is an active campaigner in this field. When he isn't fighting the good fight, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and young daughter. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.

Women – Here are Five Sex Tips About Men!

OK women, this is one for you. For years guys have been scared to say exactly what they want in bed, but those days are coming to an end. Instead of being scared of upsetting you, and making you think you are crap in the sack, we are going to give you some ideas of what we like. This isn’t a one way street, we would love for you to be as forthcoming with us. Continue reading Women – Here are Five Sex Tips About Men!

Priest Busted For Organising Orgies!

I have never really been anti-religion. I come from a family with faith, so even though I don’t, I have respect for those who do. It is the hypocrisy of many of those who choose it as a profession that gets my goat. However, I never thought I would see it hit such levels as this latest story coming out of Italy, where a Priest has been organising orgies. Yes, you did just hear me right! Continue reading Priest Busted For Organising Orgies!

This is How Sex Gets Better With Age!

One of the big questions that many young people have is how sex changes as they get older. We know what it is like when we are young; we have a much sex as possible, as often as possible. However, as time moves on, it is obvious things will change. But in the words of Professor Farnsworth from Futurama ‘good news everybody’, it seems there are some real benefits as we move on in years. Continue reading This is How Sex Gets Better With Age!

Six Ways To Beat or Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

OK, I will get straight to it. Let us talk about erectile dysfunction (or ED as it is also known). You know, where you struggle to get, or maintain an erection. Where Pele comes and does an advert about it, and then goes “get help, I would”, just to remind us he has no problems down there. Continue reading Six Ways To Beat or Prevent Erectile Dysfunction