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Gabriella Zene is an American writer who joined the Escort Advertising team in early 2016. Since then, she has gained a fine reputation, and adds a high level of sex industry expertise to the team. She is certainly most famous for her informative, yet hilarious looks at sex from around the world. However, she is also well known for her erotic stories, as well as her blogs on sexual health, which she sees as vital in helping out men and women everywhere. When she is not knocking other trending articles out of the park, Gabriella likes walking her pet dog, and eating at nice restaurants.

The 13 Hottest Places To Have Sex

Having sex in new and unusual places is an adventurous, sexy ass fuck it, buck it list. Getting it on anywhere outside of the bedroom is among the leading ways kinksters spice up those kinky festivities. Whether it’s shagging on the washing machine, or on the beach, adding an atypical situation and element can amass wondrous erotica experiences. Switching up the scene of kink heightens the stakes, and that’s how sexy history is made! Continue reading The 13 Hottest Places To Have Sex

Ten Sex Enhancing Workouts!

Whether you hit the gym, or however you choose to work out, you’re not just going to feel its rewards while walking down the street. When you exercise consistently, you’re also going to get that body of yours in shape for an epic performance in between the sheets. While a part of you may protest the toil and sweat involved, the other part of you can relax with knowing that the fruits of your labor will be the best shag of your life. Continue reading Ten Sex Enhancing Workouts!

Nine Things About Nipples You Never Knew

A female nipple is a highly sensitive fleshy structure from which fluid is meant to emanate, it’s in essence a water fountain of life delivering sustenance to its young. While nipples are designed for babies, they are far more interesting to those who have outgrown the need to suckle on the teet because, they are also an insanely erogenous zone. The nipples are highly sexualized, and when those dug dimples turn into high beams, it can make homies freeze like deer caught in hooter headlights. Continue reading Nine Things About Nipples You Never Knew

The Strangest UK Sex Laws

It’s been said that absolute vodka corrupts absolutely… or was it absolute power? Both most likely have corrupted the brain cells of numerous legislators in the UK over history causing them to enact and uphold absolutely absurd laws. Did you know that during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, the dude banned mince pies on Christmas Day?! Many odd laws have happened in history and what’s stranger is many of them remain active perhaps as a milestone of man’s sheer stupidity and a testament to the legislation’s addiction to absolute vodka and power. Take the strangest UK sex laws, for instance. Continue reading The Strangest UK Sex Laws

Eight Sex-Moves From The Urban Dictionary (Videos)

Creativity has always been the key ingredient in making up interesting new sex moves. Every day kinky minds are conjuring new sex moves and names to describe them. Thanks to the Urban Dictionary, a satirical crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases there’s a place for such fantastical nonsense. This website resembles a bathroom wall of sorts for freaks and their freaky new moves. Continue reading Eight Sex-Moves From The Urban Dictionary (Videos)

8 Things To Think About Before Beach Sex

Shagging on the beach is a delightful experience if and when you know how to handle the elements. Having a go in the great outdoors is wild, unbridled and it can provide terrific panoramas during your amateur primitive porn. Awesome beach sex can either end up as a beautiful memory, a hilarious story or depending on where you shag, you could even land in jail! Before you go on that sexy sandy safari let’s take a look at some components to consider including and not limited to, how to get down and dirty on the beach and make it look good! Continue reading 8 Things To Think About Before Beach Sex

Oklahoma Court in AWFUL Rape Ruling

Sometimes the court system shocks you just as much as the crime itself. Such is the case with the Oklahoma court ruling that declares oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious or inebriated. The court dismissed a case involving allegations that a 17-year-old boy sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly unconscious. What you read is right even though it’s wrong. Not only did a court of law heinously fail a victim seeking justice, but it also infected the public opinion of what’s morally appropriate and acceptable. Continue reading Oklahoma Court in AWFUL Rape Ruling

Nine Sex Toys From History!

A sex toy is an object that’s used to facilitate sexual pleasure. While you may know what a sex toy is, you may not know where they originated from! The kinky gods were mistaken when they thought our sexy body parts would be sufficient. It was our kinky ancestors that got down and dirty and constructed adult toys for the horny masses. These sexual inventions revolutionized sexual pleasure making sex sexier and kink kinkier! Continue reading Nine Sex Toys From History!

Prostitution Is Legal In Leeds At Certain Times!

While it’s not illegal to sell sex in Britain, it is illegal to offer sex in public unless it’s from 19.00 to 7.00 BST in Leeds. This ‘managed approach,’ allows sex workers to sell their services on a specified network of streets and during a specified time without being stopped by police! A suburb in Leeds is the first area in the UK that’s permitting prostitution and the sale of sex in hopes it can control the trade. Continue reading Prostitution Is Legal In Leeds At Certain Times!

Sexual Health Clinics are Hitting the Internet!

This generation is seeing some seriously sexy technological times! Just as recent as 1990 casual sex had lovers out on the prowl in bars hoping to score. A mere two decades later, Tinder and Grindr have made casual sexy booty calls available on a dating app. The trend of accessing casual sex through apps has phones living in a seemingly limitless kinky dimension of Valentines day everyday! Dating hook up apps are exciting and kinky yet as of late, they’ve been seeing some negative press. Continue reading Sexual Health Clinics are Hitting the Internet!