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Bella joined the team in 2014 and has developed a fan base writing most of our our Erotic Stories. She also writes a lot of our "guides" from personal experience!

Real Sex Stories – My Lesbian Sex Game

I was sitting in one of the most exclusive cocktail bar and casino in Manchester, Manchester 235, sipping frosty Margaritas with my girlfriend Scarlett when I spotted him, he was leaning against the wall outside, draining the last of a cigarette. His dark hair was lying against his dark skin, covering an inch of his forehead and his hazel eyes carried a cheeky glint in them. I almost choked on my cocktail as I saw him wandering into the bar, hands pushed into his pocket, eyes scanning the room. Continue reading Real Sex Stories – My Lesbian Sex Game

Real Sex – My Incredible Orgy

I knew I had knocked back one too many rum and cokes, but the atmosphere was so buzzing, I couldn’t help myself. We had united with a great posse of girls, or as my friend would vulgarly put it a ‘pussy posse.’ I watched as the dark haired girl danced with her friend, feeling more and more aroused as she and her friend ground together, touching each other’s hair and boobs. Continue reading Real Sex – My Incredible Orgy

Real Sex – Changing Room Session

I was shopping for a pair of jeans in a department store in my home town. I had selected two pairs to try on, but the changing room was closed. I asked an assistant, who said that because of the current change in weather a lot of the staff had phoned in ill, resulting in the shop being unable to keep all the changing rooms open. Because of this, male and female customers were requested to use the same changing area. Continue reading Real Sex – Changing Room Session