The Game Of Thrones Porn Parody Is Coming

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that Game of Thrones is one of the biggest TV shows out there at the moment. It is brutal, with action, gore, and death to keep you entertained. However, it also contains lots of nudity, sex, and kinky stuff to distract from the violence. Continue reading The Game Of Thrones Porn Parody Is Coming

The Strangest UK Sex Laws

It’s been said that absolute vodka corrupts absolutely… or was it absolute power? Both most likely have corrupted the brain cells of numerous legislators in the UK over history causing them to enact and uphold absolutely absurd laws. Did you know that during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, the dude banned mince pies on Christmas Day?! Many odd laws have happened in history and what’s stranger is many of them remain active perhaps as a milestone of man’s sheer stupidity and a testament to the legislation’s addiction to absolute vodka and power. Take the strangest UK sex laws, for instance. Continue reading The Strangest UK Sex Laws

BDSM Lingo That You Should Know

Knowledge is a powerful tool, right? Well, I don’t think it’s always powerful, but I believe it can be useful if you’re in a hot session with a mistress. Just like every media franchise that has its own Wikipedia page, BDSM has its own glossary that doms and subs look back on whenever they need to be reminded what a certain word means. Continue reading BDSM Lingo That You Should Know

Eight Sex-Moves From The Urban Dictionary (Videos)

Creativity has always been the key ingredient in making up interesting new sex moves. Every day kinky minds are conjuring new sex moves and names to describe them. Thanks to the Urban Dictionary, a satirical crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases there’s a place for such fantastical nonsense. This website resembles a bathroom wall of sorts for freaks and their freaky new moves. Continue reading Eight Sex-Moves From The Urban Dictionary (Videos)

8 Things To Think About Before Beach Sex

Shagging on the beach is a delightful experience if and when you know how to handle the elements. Having a go in the great outdoors is wild, unbridled and it can provide terrific panoramas during your amateur primitive porn. Awesome beach sex can either end up as a beautiful memory, a hilarious story or depending on where you shag, you could even land in jail! Before you go on that sexy sandy safari let’s take a look at some components to consider including and not limited to, how to get down and dirty on the beach and make it look good! Continue reading 8 Things To Think About Before Beach Sex

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