Is This Gorilla Lamp Calling You a Wanker?

It has been a very depressing week so far. We saw the awful chemical attacks in Syria, and on the home front we have had footballing legend Ray Wilkins dying at the early age of 61. In such depressing times, it is often nice to come across and amusing, stupid story, devoid of any seriousness or subtext. That is why this story about Debenhams selling a table lamp of a gorilla appearing to make the ‘wanker sign’ put a smile on my face. Continue reading Is This Gorilla Lamp Calling You a Wanker?

Is Naked Exercise The Way To Go?

When I’m heading off to the gym, I take great care packing my bag. I want to make sure that I have the essentials in there, such as my trainers and my sports bra, so I can get on with the exercises. To some people it seems that these are just too many items to take with them. They’d rather do their workouts wearing nothing at all. That’s right, they believe naked exercise is the way forward. Continue reading Is Naked Exercise The Way To Go?

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