Are Sex Toy Subscription Boxes The Way To Go?

Plenty of people have started to use subscription boxes as a way to try new things. Most of the time, people opt for food boxes to try new products or beauty boxes to get samples of the latest make-up items on the market. If you can think of it, there is a subscription box for it… and this means you can actually sign up to sex toy subscription boxes too! Continue reading Are Sex Toy Subscription Boxes The Way To Go?

London Is The Orgasm Capital Of The UK!

People like to spend time in London for a number of different reasons. As the capital of the UK you’ll find many great tourist spots to visit, many of which are perfect for a unique date. There are also some of the best restaurants, hotels, and shops here for you to visit. But it seems that there is another reason you should be in London, and it is all about your orgasm. Continue reading London Is The Orgasm Capital Of The UK!

Things We Should Do More During Sex!

Everybody has their own rules when it comes to sex. Those involved in BDSM will set ground rules and safe words to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are creating a role play, you might set up a few things that hope to do during sex. When it comes to regular sex though, we tend not to think of rules or things that we should be doing. It’s all about the pleasure. Continue reading Things We Should Do More During Sex!

Domination: Is It All Whips, Chains, And Pain?

Thanks to the popularity of the Fifty Shades series, more and more people are opening up their minds to the idea of domination. The idea of having another person take control of them, of punishing them for things they have done, is a turn on to some. Others aren’t so sure, as they don’t want to have pain inflicted upon them. Continue reading Domination: Is It All Whips, Chains, And Pain?

Women – Here are Five Sex Tips About Men!

OK women, this is one for you. For years guys have been scared to say exactly what they want in bed, but those days are coming to an end. Instead of being scared of upsetting you, and making you think you are crap in the sack, we are going to give you some ideas of what we like. This isn’t a one way street, we would love for you to be as forthcoming with us. Continue reading Women – Here are Five Sex Tips About Men!

Escorting Guide To Glasgow

Sometimes there is nothing better than meeting up with a beautiful escort and spending some time with them. You’ll find that there is no better way to get to know them and to explore the area at the same time. The problem is that you might have gotten a little bored of punting in England. If so, you might want to go somewhere else to meet some gorgeous courtesans to keep you company, and you’ll discover that the Glasgow escorts are some of the best! Continue reading Escorting Guide To Glasgow

Escorting Guide To Dundee

You might decide that you want to go on a hot date with an escort, but find that you’ve grown a little tired of the punting scene where you live. Perhaps you are fed up of going to the same places and want to find somewhere new. Whatever your reasons, you might decide to take a trip across the border into Scotland to spend time with the Dundee escorts! Continue reading Escorting Guide To Dundee

Escorting Guide To Edinburgh

Going on a date with an escort is supposed to be an exciting experience. You get to spend time with a beautiful companion, getting to know them better. However, you might find that the places you visit feel a little too familiar. If you spend time in the same old locations on dates, you might be keen to find somewhere new to visit, with fresh faces to meet. For many people, they find that spending time with the Edinburgh escorts is the perfect change of pace for them. Continue reading Escorting Guide To Edinburgh

Brits Love Sex Toys… But Which Are Our Favourites?

When it comes to the subject of sex toys, people tend to be pretty divided on them. Some people don’t see the point in them, believing that those who use toys do so not because they want to spice things up but because they cannot get their partner to orgasm with just their skills. Then there are those of us who love using them because it adds something exciting to sex. Continue reading Brits Love Sex Toys… But Which Are Our Favourites?

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