Escorting Guide To Edinburgh

Going on a date with an escort is supposed to be an exciting experience. You get to spend time with a beautiful companion, getting to know them better. However, you might find that the places you visit feel a little too familiar. If you spend time in the same old locations on dates, you might be keen to find somewhere new to visit, with fresh faces to meet. For many people, they find that spending time with the Edinburgh escorts is the perfect change of pace for them. Continue reading Escorting Guide To Edinburgh

Brits Love Sex Toys… But Which Are Our Favourites?

When it comes to the subject of sex toys, people tend to be pretty divided on them. Some people don’t see the point in them, believing that those who use toys do so not because they want to spice things up but because they cannot get their partner to orgasm with just their skills. Then there are those of us who love using them because it adds something exciting to sex. Continue reading Brits Love Sex Toys… But Which Are Our Favourites?

Escorting Guide To Aberdeen

Fed up of going to the same places around England for a date? If you are looking for somewhere different to go on a date, you might decide to go elsewhere and enjoy a date with an escort in Aberdeen. It is the third most populous city within Scotland, and has proven to be a popular destination to visit throughout the years. There are so many incredible things to do in this city, whether you are a keen history buff or you want to explore the culture of the area. Continue reading Escorting Guide To Aberdeen

How To Last Longer In Bed!

Maybe that face in your head is still beating you. She was wide-eyed looking at you and said: really? Have you already cum? Yes, a lot of men had felt that, too. Even though everybody knows ladies go first, most men find it difficult to last long in bed. The average duration is between 5 – 10 minutes, but according to many studies, men and women, hope to have sex for almost half an hour. Continue reading How To Last Longer In Bed!

5 Sex Games You’ll Only Need A Phone To Enjoy!

Sometimes we get bored with sex. It isn’t because it doesn’t feel good. It is simply that we tend to do the same things over and over again. It gets predictable, and so we start trying to think of ways to spice things up. A lot of the most popular suggestions require loads of equipment. Things like bondage ties and sexy board games. But what if you just want to use your phone to play hot sex games? Continue reading 5 Sex Games You’ll Only Need A Phone To Enjoy!

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