Olympic Sex Couple Caught On Camera! (Video)

The Olympics are officially over… and yet, we are still talking about it. We can’t stop talking about the amazing results for Team GB, as well as some of the incredible things that we have seen during the games. However, there is one thing that we are talking about more than anything else, and that is the Olympic sex couple. Continue reading Olympic Sex Couple Caught On Camera! (Video)

Porn is Ruining Sex For Many Men!

I remember back in 2006 having a very interesting conversation with one of my friends. He explained to me that he only cheated on his girlfriend because she was crap in bed. I retorted that he maybe only thought she was crap because he watched far too much porn, and explained how real sex wasn’t what you saw in films. He actually agreed that was a good possibility (and then continued to cheat on her until they eventually broke up). Ten years later, it seems I may have been ahead of the curve. Continue reading Porn is Ruining Sex For Many Men!

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