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Oxford Street is a major shopping district running through the West End of London in the City of Westminster and today forms part of the A40 road. It is the busiest shopping street in London, with over 300 shops, such as HMV, Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraiser.

Approximately half-way along Oxford Street situates the busy intersection, Oxford Circus. A unique feature of this junction is the diagonal crossing which opened in 2009, the only one in the whole of London.

Oxford Street runs along the route of a Roman road (the via Tinobantina), linking Hampshire with Colchester. This became on of the major routes via the city. It has also had other known names, such as Tyburn Road, after the River Tyburn running just south of it (now flowing underneath it), Uxbridge Road, Worcester Road and Oxford Road. In the early 18th centuary, it became known as 'Oxford Street'.

The road was once infamous as the route taken by prisoners on their final journey from Newgate Prison to the Tyburn gallows.

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